You’ve moved from video to IT infrastructures, you’ve heard about the many benefits file-based workflows should deliver. Now what?
MXF files were presented as a tape replacement. Today many of us are trapped: good things from the linear videotapes are gone… but what about the many benefits IT based environments can bring?
Unleashing all the potential requires switching over to a new model. This new model is about getting mindsets to move away from videotapes. Welcome to components, packages and IMF!
IMF is currently adopted by the majors in Hollywood as main source format for content acquisition and archiving as it focuses on the self-contained distribution and automated downstream creation of a plethora of versions of a single production. Facilitating the versioning process is required to fulfil the needs in various markets, such as regional versions with different languages and subtitles, versions with different lengths or artistic content. And this is only one of the various use cases of IMF!
This seminar has been jointly developed by leading experts from Qvest Media and IRT and will enable you to understand the details of IMF with its strengths and potential weaknesses in your business. It will help to ensure that your company is capable of successfully handling and delivering this new format in this upcoming market.